I am a Montreal-based graphic and web UX/UI designer.

I am an expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as well as proficient in HTML & CSS coding languages.
Now with more than ten years in the field, I am employed full-time as a Web UX/UI Designer at one of the biggest art supply giants in Canada.
I am currently concentrating on my personal portfolio as well as building it up with occasional freelance work.
Get to know me more...

• « Oui, je suis bilingue » 🇨🇦
• I'm on Team Apple. (once you go mac, you never go back) 🖥
• I am most creative when listening to Film Scores. 🎞
I love: my iPhone, coffee, fashion, the beach, dancing, frenchies and olives.
• My favourite part of the day is the moment of the first sip of coffee. ☕️

View my work history on LinkedIn.
Please contact me for a copy of my resumé / CV.

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